Handyman – Find The Perfect One For Your Project?


I am a Handyman working in Pretoria and I often wonder how do people go about finding and Hiring the right handyman for their projects? To find and hire the right handyman for my project I would do as follows: To find a handyman you can Search on Google or look in your local newspaper, […]

Paint something special for mom this Mother’s Day

Paint something special for mom this Mother’s Day

Every year we get one entire day dedicated to celebrating the love of mothers everywhere. If you haven’t bought a gift for Mother’s Day yet, or you need to help the kids to make something special for their Mom, then a good paint job might be just what you need. We searched the web and […]

Looking to renovate? Check out these websites for inspiration.

Dad and son renovating a room

When you decide to renovate your home, it’s always good to have a few ideas at hand before phoning a contractor. While contractors have the skill and know-how to help you complete your dream projects, it certainly helps if you know exactly what you’d like to have done. Thank goodness for the internet! These websites […]

DIY fails: these people should have called the experts

The word failed written in red

When DIY projects go awry, the results are sometimes shocking and often hilarious. While there are certainly some projects that the average Joe can attempt to do himself, there are a great many that are better left to the experts. Here are a few of those. 1. They should have called someone to iron out […]