Here are some hacks for your next DIY project

We always encourage people to rather use a professional handyman instead of taking the risks involved with DIY projects. Occasionally, however, you might have a small task around the home that you want to do yourself. For those instances, we have a few tips and tricks that will make your DIY projects even more fun […]

Inspiration for a braai revamp

Braai Areas. Massive gas braai with beautiful counter tops and lights.

Spring is around the corner – thank goodness – which means it is almost time to give the soup pots a rest and take the cooking outside. If you’re looking to revamp your braai, the ideas below might provide you with some inspiration. As they say: summer braais are made in winter! Take your style […]

5 DIY quick fixes to keep your home warm this winter

Every winter, a joke does the rounds on social media: You know you’re a South African when anything below 16 degrees Celsius is Arctic weather. South Africa is renowned for its beautiful, balmy, sunny summer’s days, so for many of us, winter proves difficult, especially seeing as the average South African home isn’t exactly built […]

Thinking of installing a fireplace? Here are some options

1. Wood-burning fireplaces There are a host of different types of traditional wood burning fireplaces available, and as the name states, these fireplaces use wood as the primary source of combustion and heat. • Open-hearth fireplaces Made of stone or brick, open-hearth fireplaces require a bit of construction for the opening in the home, as […]

Modern tiling options that will take your home into the future

Tiles are still a very popular and practical option for flooring in the home, but old-fashioned colour schemes and designs are definitely on their way out. You’d be amazed at the variety of tiles that are available today. If you are planning to retile your floors any time soon, consider some of these contemporary tile […]