Afraid of heights? You might want to avoid these African buildings.

The construction and building industry in Africa has grown and evolved tremendously in recent years. Incredible landmarks, skyscrapers and pieces of architectural genius are popping up across the continent.
When it comes to reaching for the skies, there are some buildings in Africa that are quite impressive. Here are some of the tallest buildings in Africa. Some are old and some are new, but they are all examples of Africa’s construction abilities.

1. The Carlton Centre

The Carlton Centre stands 223 meters tall in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa.

2. Ponte City Apartments

Another Johannesburg landmark, the Ponte City Apartments stand 567.6 feet tall.

3. Bahai Centre

The Bahai Centre in Algeria is the fourth-tallest building in Africa, and features a shopping mall and a hotel. The building consists of 31 floors.

4. The NITEL Tower

The NITEL Tower in Lagos, Nigeria stands 160 meters tall, and house the headquarters of the Nigerian Telecommunications Company. It is the tallest building in Nigeria.

5. The South African Reserve Bank Building

One of the most impressive skyscrapers on the continent, the South African Reserve Bank Building is 492 feet tall.

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